Pubs go Smoke Free

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Date Submitted: 26-June-2007 2:03 pm
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June 30 will be the last night that smoking will be allowed in licensed pubs and clubs as well as outdoor drinking areas. This new law is an extension of the already in place ban on smoking in cafes, shopping centres, gaming venues, enclosed work places and station platforms for trains, trams and buses.

"New smoking laws will provide a breath of fresh air for patrons, owners and hospitaility staff" says Health Minister Bronwyn Pike.

It is estimated that smoke is reponsible for over 4000 deaths a year in Victoria and costs the community $5 billion in health care and social costs.

"Reducing the harm of smoking is one of the highest priorities of the Government and this is another step in the total package to be enforced under our tobacco intiatives.

The Cancer Council has conducted surverys to find out the likley effect to business of the latest laws. The findings suggest that little if any impact will be felt as 26% of people interviewed who regularly visit licensed premises say they will attend more often once they are smoke free and 70% said the ban will have no effect on whether they will continue to go to pubs and clubs.