Nurse-on-Call Success

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Health Minister Bronwyn Pike reports that Nurse-on-Call in the Hume and High Country is a hit with Families as more than 10,700 calls were made to the Nurse-on-Call hot line.The service was used for people seeking information and advice on medical conditions ranging from vomiting and fever, abdominal pain and discomfort, diarrhoea to nausea and chest pains.The latest figures show

  • Greater Shepparton   - 4347 calls
  • Wodonga                  - 1557 calls
  • Mitchell                     - 1426 calls
  • Wangaratta               - 1366 calls
  • Moira                        -  969 calls
  • Delatite                     -  532 calls
  • Strathbogie               -  349 calls
  • Murrindindi                -  326 calls
  • Indigo                       -  308 calls
  • Alpine                       -  202 calls
  • Towong                     -    76 calls
  • and a further 800 calls from the N.S.W. border.

In Victoria the figures are,

  • more than 380,000 calls were received from Victorian families,

  • 70 % of those calls resulted in triage - where a nurse discussed caller's symptoms and provided recommendations about seeking appropriate health care,
  • weekends proved the busiest days, with most calls received on Sundays and

  • Hopitals have diverted more than 45,000 calls to Nurse-on-Call saving hospital Nurses more than 6700 hours to spend on critical emergency patients. Nurses have access to cutting edge clinical decision support software providing Nurses with the latest medical information to guide clinical judgement and referral.

    People can ring the hot line on 1300 60 60 24 at any time.