Multi Purpose Taxi Program Changes

Submitted By: JSimpson
Date Submitted: 28-October-2003 7:39 pm
Status: Approved
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Victoria's Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) subsidises the use of taxis by people who unable to use public transport because of a severe a permanent disablity.  A number of changes have been made to the program to maintain its long term viability

Changes include:-

- Eligibility criteria will be tightened to bring Victoria in line with other states, with stonger focus on functional impact of an individual's disability or impairment.  A new application form is being developed.  No newapplicants will be accepted from 17th October, 2003 for next 8-10 weeks while new processes are being put in place.

- Means tesing will be introduced.  Existing members, holders of veteran's pensions and people requiring permanent use of a wheelchair will be exempt from means testing.

- A change will be introduced to recover costs for issue, renewal and replacement of all membership cards.  The card fee will be $16.50.  The card is valid for 6 six years.  The card charge will apply from 1st January, 2004.

- a $550 annual trip cap will be introduced.  This cap will apply from 1st july, 2004. and will apply to all members other than those requiring permanent use of a wheelchair.

- The MPTP Panel will consider applications for additional subsidy support where there are special circumstances, such as work or education needs.  The Panel will also access applications from applicants that are not means tested, such as children.

for more information regarding any changes to MPTP please visit website Accessible Transport Website  or phone Victorian Taxi Directorate on (03)9320 4395 or toll free 1800 638 802 for country callers.

source:-Department of Infrastructure letter circulated to members October, 2003