Medicare Rebate - Comprehensive Health Assessment

Submitted By: bthill
Date Submitted: 13-September-2007 11:14 am
Status: Approved
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The Department of Human Services has just informed Country Care that a special comprehensive health assessment is available to people with intellectual disabilities, allowing G.P's to recieve an increased rebate from Medicare to cover the costs.

Research has indicated that people with an intellectual disability are at greater risk of inadequate health screening and unrecognised diseases than the general population. The assessment and diagnosis is much more difficult as the patient is often unable to recognise or communicate their symptoms and G.P's having insufficent time to conduct a thorough assessment.

The new Medicare Rebates provide G.P's with a rebate of $199 for a comprehensive health assessment (item 718) and $222 where the assessment requires a home visit (item 719). This should ensure that G.P's have sufficent time to conduct a thorough assessment.

The patient or their family, advocate or support worker can approach the G.P. to request an assessment.

This information is relevant to all persons with an intellectual disability.

Further information available