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Country Care Services

Country Care provides Attendant Care and a range of In home Care support services which can be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your family.

Clients are involved in setting up their individual Care Plan and in the selection of their own Attendant Care Workers.

Country Care is a specialist support service, with extensive experience in providing individualised personal and other support to people with spinal cord injury and other physical and sensory disabilities living independently in their own home.

Services are available to people with disabilities and the aged and frail who wish to continue to live with greater independence in their homes within our service area in Victoria (and other rural, remote and metropolitan regions).

Care at home - tailored to suit your individual care needs
Attendant Care - Looking after your Personal Needs
Personal Care Attendant - Care for community based programs
Domestic Care - Looking after your household
Specific Programs - Helping with any of your specific programs for rehabilitation, training or to assist in support of further education and vocation etc.
Emergency Care - Providing emergency carers if your normal carers can't make it.
Reciprocal Care - Helping with care for other agencies or arranging care for you in another area if you are traveling.
Holiday Care - Arranging carers for your holiday
Respite Care - Giving your Primary Carer a break
Home Care - For all your care needs at home
Post Acute Care - Care needs on discharge from Hospital
Transitional Care - Transitional care assists you on leaving Hospital or Rehabilitation facility ie; Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre and returning to your home.